An Infographic to Keep Everyone Updated

The occupational segment of the exoskeleton industry is always a dynamic and fast-changing whirlwind of activity. The ExoBot Manufcacturer List is our way of keeping everyone updated on the latest players in research, development and available products. You can download it below.

The infographic is focused exclusively on occupational (workplace) exoskeletons. That’s our interest and focus. If we were to include the orthopedic exoskeleton segment, the list would be three times its current length, if not more.

Our Sources

To stay up to date, we review recent press releases, research papers, scientific studies and many other resources. Things are always changing, though. This month, for example, researchers made advances in many key areas, several new projects went into development, and we know of at least two new/updated exoskeletons that came to market.

Contact Us With Updates

As with the ExoBot Buyer’s Guide and all the information throughout this site, we do our best to provide accurate, current information. Unfortunately, we sometimes can’t find all the information we need. Please update us by dropping a note to We’d like to hear from you.