The Current ExoBot Buyer’s Guide

There’s always a lot of talk (and hype) in the media about exoskeletons. It’s challenging to know what solutions really are currently available. But our current buyer’s guide may help. You can download it here:

exobot exoskeleton buyer's guide july 2020

New Exoskeletons in This Update

This time we’ve update our Torso (Back) Exoskeleton Buyer’s Guide to include the newly upgraded “Version 4” of German Bionic’s Cray X powered exoskeleton. The updated Cray X is definitely a more viable solution now that it’s built on new lightweight carbon-fiber construction. It also helps that German Bionic has added a “RaaS” robot-as-a-service payment option too. Being the only powered occupational torso exoskeleton around, we don’t have much to compare it to – yet.

We’ve also updated it to include the newly available Herowear Apex exosuit that promises to be a very competitive alternative to existing products. Beside having nearly identical performance to competitors – and ultra-light, fabric-based construction – it’s by far the least expensive solution currently on the market.

Our Sources

It’s always surprising to find is that there are so very few occupational exoskeletons (rigid frame) and exosuits (soft frame) on the market. And, for the few that are available, it’s remarkable how challenging it is to find detailed and accurate specifications and performance information.

Most of what can be found: press releases, research papers and scientific studies about 1) orthopedic (rehabilitation or prosthetic) products, or 2) prototypes of occupational exoskeletons that may or may not ever go into production. Things may be changing, though. With two new entries into the market this month, it finally it looks as though we may start to see some meaningful choices among workplace exoskkeletons.

Contact Us With Updated Information

As with the ExoBot Infographic and all the information throughout this site, we do our best to provide accurate, current information. Unfortunately, we sometimes can’t find all the information we need. Please update us by dropping a note to We’d like to hear from you.