Exoskeletons & Robots – Top 10 For Competitive Edge In Construction

According to The World Industrial Reporter (a Thomas publication), four of the top ten trends that give a competitive edge in construction are personal technology tools: exoskeletons (#2), virtual reality (#5), robots (#8) and augmented reality (#9). World Industrial Reporter, 10 Construction Trends

The advantages: The latest exoskeletons and mobile robots help workers “get more done while reducing strain on their bodies” and “help them excel at repetitive manual tasks”. While new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions solutions are helping contractors “expose learners to content in safe, interactive and immersive ways” and “improve safety or ensure people follow the right steps for procedures”.

According to a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Survey, 33% of construction contractors expect to use wearable technologies (e.g., exoskeletons, smart safety devices, etc.) and 21% expect to employ VR and AR solutions such as virtual training and monitoring by 2022.

Also of note: 45% of construction contractors expect to use drones by 2022. Many companies using them now do so to gather aerial data and get a clearer idea of what’s happening at a jobsite. Rounding out the top ten trends for the competitive edge: smart contracts (#1), construction management software (#3), modular construction (#6), eco-friendly construction (#7) and building information modeling (#10).

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